Doula Services

anna horn

Postnatal doula services

I'm happy to be a part of your village

Breastfeeding support

1-2-1 support to help you meet your breastfeeding goals

Newborn care

Basic help with safe sleep, swaddling, bathing, changing nappies and more

Emotional support

Always there with a listening ear and an open heart

Family meals

Prepare simple meals for you and your family

As a postnatal doula, my work is not to take the place of medical advice, but I am skilled in my remit of providing families with up-to-date information to help in making decisions, practical support (including infant feeding, preparing simple meals for the family or helping with older children) and listening with compassion. If I were your doula, my role would be to support parents so that they feel confident, well rested and knowledgeable when looking after their new little one(s).