Anna horn

Hello, i'm Anna.

I’m a London based breastfeeding specialist and postnatal doula. Born and raised in the American South, I was truly brought up by an entire community. I carry a strong sense of that village in everything that I do! 

Where heart and home meets evidence based support

If I were your doula...

I’d come to help as you navigate the highs and lows of life with a new baby. There’s no judgement on how you choose what is best for your family, I’m just there to support you through the journey. In today’s society, often new parents live far from extended family and childhood friends. Some families feel that having an extra pair of hands, a listening ear and source of practical and emotional support are just what they need to help in the beginnings of parenthood.

Anna Horn has worked in the field of maternal and child health for over half a decade. Evidence based information guides the support which Anna provides to families as they navigate pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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